This is your SIGN!

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Are you READY to TRANSFORM your life? Are you ready for accelerated healing, massive breakthroughs and life-altering shifts?

Hello Shamanic Soul Coaching friends!

Spirit nudged me to resend my Shamanic Soul Coaching Retreat email this morning.I KNOW there is someone on my client email list that is READY to HEAL NOW!

Not next year. Not when everything is perfect in your life. Not when you feel ready because…guess what? YOU WILL NEVER FEEL READY!

I KNOW that…

Someone on my email list is tired of trying to do it all alone.

Tired of feeling ‘stuck’.

Tired of just trying to keep their head above water.

Sometimes…and intensive and accelerated weekend of healing can realign you back on your path so that you can live your true PURPOSE.

Healing happens in CONNECTION. Allow a special, small group of women (and myself) hold you in SAFETY AND LOVE for one weekend and then watch your life SUPPORT you in ways that it has never before.

I KNOW my retreat from June 2nd-June 5th will be magic because it was SPIRIT LED!



So this is YOUR SIGN not to wait to LIVE YOUR HAPPIEST LIFE!

This is YOUR SIGN to INVEST in yourself, YOUR HEALTH and HAPPINESS today.

The only time that my health, income and life changed is when I went ALL IN on ME.

Nothing changes if nothing changes…so, this means that you have to do something BIG in order to receive BIG RESULTS!

Here is how the Universe led me to stepping into retreats…ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR INNER BEING!



Well? It’s time! After a decade of offering ‘distance’ Shamanic Reiki sessions, I had an opportunity to do IN PERSON healings at Casey Shipp’s Hotmomz Plant Medicine Retreat in Sedona. It was AWESOME! (Go check out my amazing coach’s offerings if you are ready for huge shifts!)

In that beautiful room at Casey’s retreat…in that magical moment…something deep inside of me screamed, “THIS IS IT!”

So, I immediately asked my Spirit Guides (and the Universe) to guide me to the exact steps that I needed to take in order to create my very own Retreat.

I have NEVER organized a retreat, so this was a totally new and scary experience for me.

BUT…I just kept giving thanks and gratitude to my Guides with a clear intention to help women heal IN PERSON at Mt. Princeton.

Well, my loyal and crafty Spirit Guides took the energy ball and ran with it!

Before I knew it, I was signing a contract with Mt. Princeton Hot Springs sales department in Colorado for a June retreat!

The Shamanic Soul Retreat 2023 will be held from June 2nd- 5th (you can leave on the 6th if so desired).

I blocked out a bunch of rooms to ensure that you have accommodation options, but you will need to book right away because these rooms will be sold out by May 2nd!

I will be offering 2 full days of healing/teachings in the small conference room on June 3rd and June 4th at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs.

The final day (June 5th) will be free for you to take advantage of all the added bonus (and discounted) amenities that are included with your overnight stay at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs.

Travel and accommodations are NOT included. By clicking the link below, you will find all of the details for how YOU can become a part of my FIRST EVER sacred healing retreat…and, what steps to take TODAY to secure your spot.

This retreat will fill up FAST! So, if you feel called to share in these powerful healing energies…please DON’T HESITATE…listen to your intuition and follow Spirit’s guidance. The rest will fall into place!

I will only be taking 10 women! And, after this retreat…the price will go up!


I am hoping to see you in June!

Know this…the minute that you DECIDE to COMMIT to your healing process…your healing begins! Powerful Shamanic Reiki energies become activated and your dreams and intentions are instantly ‘sent’ out to the Universe!

**What is required before purchasing Shamanic Soul Retreat 2023?

In order to be considered for my Shamanic Soul Retreat, you will have had at least 1 single Distance Shamanic Reiki session. This is to ensure that you resonate with my type of healing and style of teachings. Interested, but have never had one of my sessions? BOOK HERE!


Already a client and feel like doing your healing work ALONE isn’t working? Please check out my Shamanic Soul Coaching Group Membership!

Trauma happens in isolation.

Healing happens in CONNECTION!



Need more intensive 1 on 1 attention? I am offering a brand NEW service! My 1 on 1 Monthly Intensive with Sarah gives you access to Sarah’s energies and expertise for one solid month!



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****************************************************************Wishing everyone a Happy Spring! May your life be blessed with new energies and lots of JOY and PLAY!

Hope to see you in Spirit soon or at my Shamanic Soul Retreat 2023!

In light and darkness always,

Shamanic Soul Coaching