Shamanic Soul Coaching’s eCourses

Introduction to Energy Healing eCourse for $7!

New to Energy Healing? Sarah created a beginner’s guide to Energy Healing for people that want to learn how to heal their energy, but don’t know where to start. Sarah wants to teach YOU how to become your very own Energy Healer in an affordable and FUN way! This eCourse will teach you the basic foundations of Energy Healing, Meditation, the Chakra System and how to protect your precious energy in this ever stressful world. This is NOT a certification eCourse…it is solely FOR YOU! Learn how to BECOME YOUR OWN ENERGY HEALER! 

8 Week Advanced Energy Healing Course for $27

Sarah’s mission and greatest intention with this eCourse is for you to learn YOUR WAY to heal yourself! Have you ever wanted to learn how to meditate? Balance your own chakras? Meet your Spirit Guides? Protect your energy so that you don’t become depleted? Develop your intuitive gifts and abilities? Heal the trauma energy that might be trapped in your body so that you can BREAK CYCLES and move forward into a life that you LOVE? This is NOT a certification eCourse…it is solely for YOU to develop your very own Energy Healing Practice!

**UPDATED: BONUS Audio Transcripts so you can now LISTEN to this eCourse as well as READ!!**

12 Week Advanced Shamanic Energy Healing eCourse for $47

Shamanic Healing is Sarah’s niche! This eCourse combines what Sarah has learned working with a powerful Shaman for over the past 3 decades  to create this Advanced Shamanic Energy Healing eCourse. Her mission is to help YOU to become your very own Shaman! Sarah offers an arsenal of ancient energy healing tools, techniques and wisdom in this SELF-PACED eCourse. Becoming your own Shaman means that you will learn how to heal yourself YOUR WAY! This eCourse is NOT a certification eCourse. It is solely for YOU to shape your very own Shamanic Energy Healing or traditional Energy Healing practice! READ, LISTEN OR WATCH this eCourse!

Shamanic Soul
GROUP COACHING Membership for ONLY $111 with $111 monthly subscription

$1,000 off!!!

  Group healing is POWERFUL. The Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership includes an ADVANCED Shamanic Energy Healing eCourse and bi-weekly Group Coaching Call with Sarah via Facebook Live! With this exclusive membership, you will learn how to balance your chakras, repair your aura, journey to the Spirit world, meet your Spirit guides, protect your energy, heal your trauma and emotional energy, break toxic cycles, learn if you have Soul loss and how to perform a Soul Retrieval, how to safely explore past lives and cleanse your karma and so much more!


***This monthly subscription has the potential for CERTIFICATION as a Shamanic Healing Practitioner OR Energy Healing Practitioner!***


Gentle Reminder: Sarah is called by Spirit to only work with WOMEN!