What’s Your Spirit‘s Story?

Sarah helps people heal their trauma energy, break toxic cycles, and raise their vibe so that they can live a life they LOVE to live.

Services Offered :


Distance Shamanic Reiki SESSION

These SINGLE healing sessions will SUPERCHARGE you by balancing your chakras, repairing your aura, releasing negative energy, diving into past lives and so much more! Essentially, Sarah combines Shamanic Healing (healing in alternate realms in the Spirit world) while simultaneously channeling loving Reiki energy to her clients for the entire length of their session. Do you want to break toxic cycles, get rid of energy drains, heal trauma energy, and get to the root of WHY your life is not working for you even though you have tried EVERYTHING to fix it? It’s time to look at your energy! Get your energy right and the rest will fall into place! Receive 2 full hours of energy so that YOU can heal your energy to HEAL YOUR LIFE!

12 Week

Shamanic Soul Coaching COURSE

Do you want to learn “how” to heal yourself at a Soul level with 30 YEARS of Energy Healing strategies and techniques? Have you felt stuck, empty, depleted and tried EVERYTHING to better your life, but nothing is working? After completing this 12 week eCourse, YOU will know “how” to: balance your chakras, repair your aura, journey to the Spirit world, meet your Spirit guides, protect your energy, heal your trauma and emotional energy, break toxic cycles, learn if you have Soul loss and how to perform a Soul Retrieval, how to safely explore past lives and cleanse your karma, how to consume only HIGH VIBE energies and how to establish a personal Shamanic Energy Healing Practice! If you do not want to work intensively with Sarah- or have a desire to become a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner or Shamanic Healing Practitioner– but would like lifetime access to an exclusive Shamanic Soul Coaching Circle GROUP and learn how to heal your energy to heal your life, then this eCourse is for you! If you want to become ‘Certified’, check out Sarah’s 3 MONTH Shamanic Soul Coaching Program!

3 Month

Shamanic Soul Coaching PROGRAM

Want access to 30 YEARS of Energy Healing strategies in 3 MONTHS so that you can save yourself years of suffering and thousands on healing yourself? This accelerated, 1 on 1 intensive coaching program is jam packed with exactly what you need to HEAL YOURSELF at a Soul level. How FAST do you want to heal? How quickly do you want to live an ABUNDANT life? How badly do you want to experience HEALTHY & HAPPY relationships? What would it MEAN TO YOU to wake up every day and be able to DO WHAT YOU LOVE? Sarah’s program will help put you on the fast-track to HEALING whatever you need to HEAL so that you can manifest your dream life NOW–not 5, 10 or even 20 years from now. Can you AFFORD TO WAIT? Are you a good fit for this 3 MONTH program? Sarah is looking for individuals that are willing to go ALL IN and show up to do “the work” to TRANSFORM their pain into PURPOSE! Sarah is calling on courageous Souls that are committed to doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to learn “how” to heal themselves and finally END their suffering. Were you born to be a Healer? A Shaman? A Light Worker? Do you have spiritual gifts, but don’t know “how” to use them? Think of Sarah Norwood as your personal Soul Coach as she helps you to heal your trauma energy, RAISE YOUR VIBE, end toxic cycles, protect your sacred energy and connect to your inner Shaman so that you can MANIFEST a life you LOVE TO LIVE!
Sarah Norwood

Learn How To Heal Yourself

Sarah Norwood is a Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Psychic Medium and Founder of Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life eCourse with over 28 years of experience. Sarah’s mission is to lovingly assist you on your own unique healing journey by utilizing the ancient techniques of Shamanism and Reiki.

Sarah has witnessed profound healing from combining these two modalities into a practice that centers around Distance Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing.

Essentially, your Soul tells Sarah a story as you travel together to alternate realms in the spirit world. Sarah’s greatest hope is that you learn how to heal yourself. Your ‘distance’ Energy Healing or Shamanic Soul Guide session may include: Shamanic Reiki healing, Chakra Balancing, Aura Repair, Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, Psychic Messages, Release of Toxic or Blocked Energy, Trauma Healing, Meeting Your Spirit Guides & Power Animals and MORE!

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What Clients Are Saying

A couple years ago I was in a pretty dark space and that's when I chose to continue the fight and seek help. There are all types of "help" but I knew the type I needed was deeper. That's when I told my husband that therapy is really not what I need, I need more of a spiritual connection. Then, I found you Sarah. Best thing I ever did for myself was reach out to you. I truly appreciate you and what you offer to everyone. When I schedule an energy healing with you, I consider it "my therapy." So, thank you again.

Heidi Wilson

"When I met Sarah, I found a safe space to explore shamanism and expand my relationship with Spirit (spirit guides, power animals, ascended masters, angels, deceased loved ones, etc.). Talking with Sarah about my journeys validates and helps me make sense of them. Each year I learn more about the spirit realm, work with new spirit guides and teachers, and develop my abilities to work with energy. Because Sarah is further along on the shamanic path, she helps me integrate new experiences into my shamanic healing practice. I’m eternally grateful to Sarah for helping me heal my deepest wounds, strengthen my connection with Spirit, develop gifts I didn’t realize I had, and establish my own shamanic healing practice to support other people on their spiritual journeys."

Dr. Kelly Arora, Spiritual Director & Shamanic Guide at www.talkswithspirit.com

“Very gifted and powerful Shaman and Intuitive Reiki Healer. Because of Sarah, I’ve started down a completely new spiritual path. I recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and healing when other modalities have failed. She is one of the best. I constantly refer people to her and yet we have never met in person. She did work with me from a distance which proved just as powerful as in person, if not more powerful.”

Peggy Laney, Shamanic and Akashic Record Healer at www.auricreikihealing.com

“Very gifted and powerful Shaman and Intuitive Reiki Healer. Because of Sarah, I’ve started down a completely new spiritual path. I recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and healing when other modalities have failed. She is one of the best. I constantly refer people to her and yet we have never met in person. She did work with me from a distance which proved just as powerful as in person, if not more powerful.”

Peggy Laney, Shamanic and Akashic Record Healer at www.auricreikihealing.com

"Yes. An emphatic yes. She will work with you so well to help you clear and heal what needs to go. Her skills, talents and abilities will amaze you. I have seen many shamanic healers and other spiritual healers for years. Sarah is a category on her own. Powerful in authentic and powerful ways rooted in god. I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah since 2013 and my life is more enlightened and better from her assistance. Each session is mind-blowing. Each session is also freeing. She is worth every dollar and more. You will not regret your session. Be honest and she will really help you. She is a radiant space of UNCONDITIONAL love."

Keith Willschau of Colorado Springs, CorePower Yoga Teacher, Writer, Leader, and Natural Born Healer

“Sarah is amazing! She is kind, loving, compassionate and goes deep to help us heal. She is the only person I deeply trust to play in my energy field and I’m so grateful to her, her gifts and services! I’ve been working with Sarah for the last 4 years and her guidance and shamanic insights have helped me tremendously with my personal healing.”

The Fabulous Ifoma Genevieve Rothblatt at www.ifomagenevieve.com

"This course is absolutely incredible and life changing!! You can go at your own pace and heal in your time. I have learned SO much so far. Sarah is AMAZING and if you're on the fence wondering if you should do this. ..DO IT. Learning to heal ourselves in our own way is EVERYTHING. Thank YOU Sarah for your gifts. "

- LW

"Omg, I am halfway through trauma 101. WOW WOW WOW! What a powerful lesson. I realized one important thing. I always practice gratitude...it's been a thing for me for a while.... but I've never thanked MYSELF!!!! I've never given gratitude to myself for the strength it took to get through so many things in my life. Gratitude for giving me endurance to keep going. Gratitude for making smart decisions. WOW!!! Very powerful module. The energy exercises are spot on too. Sarah you are amazing. Much love to you. Thank you for healing us and for showing us how to heal ourselves."


“This class has inspired me to empower myself to take better care of ME on all levels. Before this class, I didn't really realize the correlation and/or direct impact my physical, mental, and emotional well being could have on my spiritual well being! I found that when I didn't have healthy boundaries, I was less apt to trust my intuition, had way less flow in my life, lacked connection to my guides, to myself...it was like a huge horrible domino affect! It wasn't until this class that all this really hit home and resonated with me! Thanks so much Sarah for being YOU and sharing this class with us!"

Laura Dresser

"Sarah's class has been so beneficial! Sarah provides exercises, information, mantras, affirmations, additional links, guided meditations, and tools for each chakra, and she teaches about the corresponding layers of your aura as well. Sarah did a tremendous job putting all of the information together in a concise way. I have never come across anything like this before. Sarah has so much information in one package! I have learned how to open my chakras and heal myself. I feel like I can pull myself out of funks better now. I feel more balanced, more grounded, and more awake. I cannot emphasize enough how incredible my journey has been while taking her class!"

Jane Whittington