Terms and Conditions

If you consent to receive a single 75 Minute Distance Shamanic Reiki Energy Session or purchase the Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership or the 1 on 1 Shamanic Soul Coaching Program from Sarah Norwood, you waive and release any and all claims for damages that you may have against “Sarah Norwood” and/or “Shamanic Mountain Healing” or “Shamanic Soul Coaching.” You agree to hold “Sarah Norwood” and “Shamanic Mountain Healing” and “Shamanic Soul Coaching” harmless and indemnify it for any incidents(s) that arise from your use of 75 Minute Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing Sessions, Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership or the 1 on 1 Shamanic Soul Coaching Program. You understand that Distance Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing sessions are performed as healing energy flows through Sarah (not from her) to the client. Sarah is not responsible for where the healing energy goes, what she will ‘see’ or ‘hear’ in her altered state, or how it will affect an individual person. There are varied results and every person should be aware that Shamanic Reiki Energy goes very deep and often unveils a diverse range of emotions including happiness, sadness, anger, pain, joy, etc. You understand that Sarah is not a medical doctor and does not diagnose or prescribe. Any written or verbal discussions are only informational, not prescriptions.

Understand that utilizing any suggestions of ‘energy tools’ (oils, herbs, energy exercises, etc) in single Distance Shamanic Reiki Sessions, Sarah’s Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership or her 1 on 1 Shamanic Soul Coaching Program are at your own risk. Sarah Norwood and Shamanic Mountain Healing are not responsible for adverse effects. If you have a condition that Sarah feels would be best treated by another health professional, she will refer you to a qualified practitioner.

Sarah also does NOT guarantee ANY results as far as increased finances, success in your relationships, abundance of any kind, increased happiness, increased health or total healing in any area of your life. Your healing is YOUR responsibility. Doing the healing “work” is your job. Sarah does NOT heal you. YOU are responsible for healing yourself. Sarah only offers guidance and energy from Spirit. What you choose to utilize from your work with Sarah is your responsibility.

Any information exchanged during a distance Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing session or Shamanic Soul Coaching program is completely confidential. Sarah will not share your progress or testimonials without your permission.

Finally, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS AFTER YOUR 75 MINUTE SHAMANIC REIKI ENERGY SESSION IS COMPLETE or after you have paid for your  SHAMANIC SOUL GROUP COACHING MEMBERSHIP OR IF YOU HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED 2 MONTHS OF YOUR 1 ON 1 SHAMANIC SOUL COACHING PROGRAM. Once you receive the modules, sessions or information, you will not be eligible for a refund. This is because Sarah’s sessions are unique and require a great deal of her time and energy. If you are not pleased with your results, you will still not receive a refund. Sarah believes that Spirit provides EXACTLY what you need (energy healing, sacred messages, etc) whether you are ready to receive it or not. Prior to paying for a 75 Minute Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing Session, Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership or the 1 on 1 Shamanic Soul Coaching program, please understand that you will not be refunded for these sacred services after purchase.

Contact Sarah Norwood here if you have any specific questions: sarah@shamanicsoulcoaching.com

Thank you,
Sarah Norwood