Distance Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing Session

Distance Energy Healing Session includes: Shamanic Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Aura Repair, Karmic Cleansing, Past Life Regression and so much more!

$500 $333

(Note: These SINGLE sessions are designed exclusively for WOMEN)

“You truly, truly have a special gift that will benefit so many Sarah. I have had readings with John Edward’s teacher Sandy Anastasi, Brent Becvar-cool, different type of astrologer at the Deepak Chopra Center, Maggie Kerr-astrologer/friend of John Edwards, and many others, and your healing session was just as good, if not better and more informative and healing and helpful than any other reading I’ve had.”– D.F., Denver Colorado

“Sarah has quite literally saved my life with her energy, love, patience, and wisdom. I am forever grateful.” ~Holly P.


During a DISTANCE Energy Healing session, Sarah meditates and goes on a Shamanic journey.

Once she travels to alternate realms in the spirit world, she calls on your Soul to join her.

 Sarah utilizes a powerful and unique healing process that is called Shamanic Reiki– a beautiful combination of two ancient healing methods, Shamanism and Reiki. Distance Shamanic Energy Healing utilizes an energetic process where the Shaman is in one location and the client is in another.

Sarah has the gift of being able to leave the human, physical world and travel to alternate realms in the Spirit world. This is where she helps you to heal at a ‘Soul level’.

Sarah safely takes you on a Shamanic journey and then opens up to the Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki). Essentially, Sarah combines Shamanic Healing (healing in alternate realms) while simultaneously channeling loving Reiki Energy to her clients for the entire length of their sessions.

Sarah not only calls on your Spirit once you have journeyed to the spirit world, she calls on your Spirit Guides/helpers (animal, ancestor, and angel guides) and any other enlightened beings to help you heal a current or past issue or trauma.

Once Sarah is in the spirit world, she audio records everything that she sees/feels/hears during your session.

After the completion of your session, Sarah will immediately email you a customized audio recording in an MP3 format that you can keep forever. Your MP3 audio file will be sent via Google Drive so that you can easily download and listen to your session at your convenience.

***These transformative sessions are NOT completed on the phone, in person or on Zoom because Sarah finds that distance energy healing is more effective when performed in a deep, transitive state (altered state of consciousness).***

In Sarah’s energy sessions, she utilizes a variety of healing modalities which include: Shamanic Reiki, traditional Reiki, aura repair, chakra balancing, soul retrieval and recovery, karmic cleansing, and soul possession clearing.




$500 $333

(Note: These single sessions are designed exclusively for WOMEN. Also, I book months out so please don’t wait to get on my schedule if interested!)


Each single session includes TWO HOURS of Energy Healing with 75-90 minute audio recording. **These sessions are NOT completed over the phone, Zoom OR in person! They are audio recorded by ‘distance.’** Your Distance Shamanic Reiki audio recording will be emailed to you within 24 hours AFTER your scheduled time via Google Drive. WARNING: Please do not purchase if you are currently pregnant or you have an acute illness. Energy Healing is powerful and Sarah puts safety above all else. These sessions are designed exclusively for women

“Your spirit tells Sarah a story as you travel together in a Shamanic realm.”

Sarah will ask her spirit guides, as well as yours, to guide you during your energy healing journey. Sometimes, just removing stagnant energies and repairing your aura is the only purpose of the healing session. Other times, things go deeper; Sarah may need to help cut cords, connect you to a lost loved one, go into a past life to cleanse karmic energy or even retrieve parts of your Soul that were lost due to trauma.

Remember, the energy and messages come through Sarah, not from Sarah. These sessions are about you, not her. Sarah does not try to interpret them. She only relays the information that is channeled through her. Sarah is able to scan and ‘read’ a client’s energy field and see where blocked energy or trauma memories are stored. Every session is completely different. Sarah ‘assists’ you in finding your own Way of healing yourself!

Distance energy healing is extremely powerful as energy is not bound by time or space. It can be felt across the Universe at any time, anywhere.

If you are looking for DEEP HEALING (healing trauma energy, past life karmic cycles, clearing heavy dark energy, etc)- Sarah’s single distance sessions may be a good fit for you.

$500 $333

(Note: These SINGLE sessions are designed exclusively for WOMEN.)


Each single session includes TWO HOURS of Energy Healing with 75-90 minute audio recording.  These Distance Shamanic Reiki Sessions are NOT completed over the phone or in person. Your Distance Shamanic Reiki audio recording will be emailed to you within 24 hours AFTER your scheduled time. You will receive an MP3 audio recording file of your session via Google Drive. Your session is not in person because Sarah’s niche is traveling to altered realms in the Spirit World to help you heal at a “Soul” level. These sessions are designed exclusively for women

What Clients Are Saying

“Two words- HOLY SHIT! I have been feeling EVERYTHING that you and (Spirit) said in this one. Stepping into my power, attracting amazing relationships with people who Love me, being a soul connector for people...being both soft (the dove) and fierce (the dragon). Yep, I’ve been feeling it, but you put my feelings into words for me- thank you!”

Client, Stacy Waldman

“Sarah is SPOT ON. SPOT ON. SPOT ON. She knew stuff that NO ONE knew about my life. She is guided by Spirit and cuts through the bullshit to help you “see” exactly what needs healing within you. Her sessions have changed my life!”


“Each session I've experienced has been so enlightening, nourishing, healing and loving. Grateful for what I've learned and the healing I have received and will continue to receive in future sessions.”

Sarah Coram, Magical Yoga Teacher, Momma, Healer of www.sarahcoramyoga.com

“You did more for me in 70 minutes than half a lifetime of therapists have been able to accomplish. Thank you.”


"I have had several sessions with Sarah through the years and she is truly a gifted soul! I am amazed at her accuracy, guidance, and healing abilities. She truly can see where you are on a soul level and give you guidance and healing to help you move forward on your journey. I highly recommend Sarah if you are looking for deep soul healing. Sarah is way past the 21st century with her gifts. Much love and light to you Sarah. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary gifts with me and the world!"

Dixie Fields, Writer & Intuitive Healer at www.liveloveandlight.net

“Sarah Norwood is one of the most gifted, down to earth, matter of fact healers. She continues to blow me away with her work and has been an integral part of my inner work and personal healing. Every single session with her is 100%, 100% SPOT ON! If you are ready to step up into the person you came to the earth plane to become, Sarah will help you get there. I love this woman and every ounce of her Divine self! Total life changer!”

Erica Hodgson of Celestial Coaching and Bodywork at www.ericahodgson.com