Are You An Empath?

10 Traits of Empaths

I help empaths learn “how” to heal themselves at a Soul level without years of suffering. Do you know if you are an empath?

Let’s explore what an empath is and if YOU are an empath yourself. If so, you will need to practice even more protection exercises and have an even larger healing tool basket than most people!

1. Empaths FEEL everything, everywhere, all of the time.

2. Empaths are highly attuned to other people’s emotional energy and ‘take on’ or ‘absorb’ what people around them are feeling like a sponge. Empaths end up ‘tuning into’ the exact frequency of a person’s emotional and physical health.

3. Empaths are often taken advantage of and have a reputation for being “too sensitive” or “overly excitable”.

4. Empaths are HSP’s (Highly Sensitive Persons), but they can be even more affected than an ordinary HSP because of chronic sensory overload.

5. Often Empaths become ‘drenched’ with other people’s emotional energy, and this creates sensory overload and can lead to extreme exhaustion, physical/emotional illness or actual physical pain.

6. A lot of Empaths are highly intuitive (psychic) and have sincere compassion for people, animals and the earth.

7. Empaths need extra time outs and breaks to decompress from the energies around them. Empaths may be viewed as a homebody or introvert.

8. Empaths do not do well in crowds or other busy, public spaces. Empaths become easily stressed and overwhelmed.

9. Empaths can experience increased anxiety and intensified emotions such as paralyzing fear, sadness, panic, rage, etc. This can be confusing because Empaths have a hard time trusting what is theirs, and what is someone else’s emotions.

10. Empaths have trouble watching violence on tv or learning about disturbing events in the world. It can upset them for weeks/months/years.

If you ARE an Empath, you will need to practice energy protection techniques every day. You will need a BIG healing tool basket filled with all sorts of energy exercises, crystals/stones, essential oils, sage, singing bowl, etc. I can help you learn “how” to balance your chakras and strengthen your aura in order to NOT take on other people’s energies. I can help you live a happy life as an HSP (highly sensitive person) WITHOUT years of suffering. I can teach you how to separate your energy field from other people. I can help you figure out what is YOUR energy, and what is an energy that you may have picked up from someone else. I can help you understand that being an Empath is YOUR SUPERPOWER and your sensitivity can be utilized to guide you throughout your life. Do you have intuitive gifts? Are you destined to be a healer or Shaman because you ARE an empath. Do you want to learn “how” to turn your pain into your power? Learn how to turn your passions into your purpose? Learn how to keep yourself safe, happy, and healthy as an Empath in my Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership! Every week, I work with this sacred group to help them develop their gifts. If you have already had a SINGLE session with me…you are eligible to join my group!