What Is Shamanic Reiki?


What is Shamanism? The practice of Shamanism involves a process where the Shaman or healer, lives with one foot in both the human and Spirit worlds.

Shamans act as intermediaries, standing as the connection between a person’s physical earthbound body and their Soul’s energy in the Spirit world. Shamanic healers work primarily in alternate realms treating various physical, emotional/mental and spiritual illnesses.

Shamanic healing is powerful and transformative for the individual on so many levels. While operating mainly in the Spirit world, the Shamanic healer can illicit deep healing simultaneously in a person or animal living in the physical world.

So, when the Shaman works to restore a person’s Soul in the spiritual realm, this can result in the lessening of suffering for the person in the human/physical realm.

A shaman is a person who communicates directly with Spirits (Souls) to address the spiritual aspects of physical ailments.

Shamans have a special ability to receive divine information, perform soul retrievals and past life regressions, help the Spirits of deceased people cross over and so much more.

The Shaman has the ability to travel to what is referred to as non-ordinary reality (Spirit world) in an altered state of consciousness. There, the Shaman can meet and communicate with Spirit helpers (guides) and carry back sacred messages and communicate this wisdom to their clients/patients.

Going to a Shamanic healer is like going to a cyber Doctor who does not reside in the same time and space that we do.

Shamans are ‘virtual’ healers.

Shamans gain knowledge and power by entering into the spiritual world in a deep trance-like state. Most Shamans have enhanced intuitive gifts and quite often have visions, vivid dreams or can communicate with Spirits in meditation- or throughout their daily lives. These powerful healers find their own way, style, or techniques for journeying to the Spirit realms.

Once in the spirit world, Shamans can channel guidance directly from your Spirit guides or their own Spirit helpers, power animals, ancestors and other enlightened beings and energies. While in this meditative state, Shamans gain intuitive knowledge about how to help heal individuals. They pass this information and wisdom along to the person they are helping to heal at the time.

In a Shaman’s travels, the Shaman is often able to tell if a person’s Soul is lost, possessed, blocked, needs cleansing of toxic energies, or even needs a karmic healing.

The Shaman communicates simultaneously with a person’s spiritual body in a higher realm and physical body on earth, becoming a conduit for profound healing.


What is Reiki? Reiki is pronounced “ray-key” and made up of two separate kanji (Chinese characters): Rei, which means Universal, and Ki, meaning spirit, energy or life force. The most common definition of Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy.

A Reiki practitioner becomes the ‘channel’ for the Universal source of love, light and harmony to move through to another person or animal. Reiki energy is designed to connect people to the Divine/Source love energy. Spreading this loving energy to another person through Reiki is incredibly healing and can transform lives.

Reiki is primarily taught as a healing system. It allows healing of self or others through the laying-on-of-hands or by “distance” healing. Both are equally powerful as energy knows no time or space.

The “attunement” process is what separates Reiki healing from other energy modalities. Each attunement empowers certain “keys” in your energy system which corresponds to a higher vibrational healing energy. These energies enter through the practitioner’s crown chakra (top of head) and then travel downward into the “hara” or heart.

The energy is then directed out through the palms of the practitioner into the person receiving the Reiki energy. Because of this, both the practitioner and recipient receive Reiki during the session.

Giving or receiving Reiki is generally a peaceful, relaxing and joyful experience. Sometimes, the Reiki can unveil deep memories or experiences that need to be released from the person. The Reiki practitioner ensures that it is a safe place to ‘let go’ of whatever manifests during each session.

It is important to remember that the healing energy is not coming from the Reiki practitioner; it is coming from the Divine/Source/Universal LIfe force energy. The practitioner only guides the energy with his/her intention.

After a Reiki session, true wellness can be experienced within the entire being. Illness happens when the mind, body and spirit become unbalanced. Reiki works on all levels — the physical, spiritual, and emotional — to help the client regain balance and enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Research studies have shown that Reiki lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and stress reactions, lowers respiration and heart rates, reduces pain and bleeding, helps to calm anxiety and alleviate insomnia, and raises the red blood cell count.

It is also an incredible healing modality that can help in healing many ailments, as well as enhance personal empowerment and spiritual evolution.

Reiki is not a religion or New Age practice. It has been used by practitioners with all different religious beliefs (Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Islam, etc.) and compliments any faith as a hands-on healing practice.

Shamanic Reiki

What Is Shamanic Reiki? I am a Master Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing Practitioner. What does that mean?

It means that during my Distance Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing sessions, I am able to open up to the Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki) while simultaneously going on a Shamanic journey.

Essentially, while I’m in an altered state of consciousness (deep meditative state), I am able to tap into Reiki Energy and channel it to my client.

During a Distance Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing session, I am able to hear, feel and see spirits, which helps me to address my clients’ pain, anger or other issues that can cause them to remain ‘stuck’ in old cycles or patterns.

I assist my clients with whatever needs to be loved or released so that they can move forward to a more balanced, peaceful and fulfilling life!

 During a Distance Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing session, I call on my own Master Spirit Guides as well as the client’s Spirit Guides to assist in their healing session. Often a session will include:

  • Balancing your chakras
  • Repairing your aura
  • Cutting any past life karmic energy cords
  • Communicating with your live or deceased ancestors,
  • Addressing a current issue that may need healing or resolution
  • Helping connect with your own spirit guides and spirit animals

My gift is in ‘reading energy’ which allows me to see the areas of your body or Soul that need love and healing.

Your Spirit literally tells me a story. By going into a deep meditative trance, I can go with yOU to a different realm. I allow your Soul to guide me on a Shamanic Reiki Journey.

I watch and listen as your Soul shows me what it needs in order to heal. Your Soul may need to cut a cord from an old energy/person, go back into a past life to heal a karmic debt, make peace with the child within, or work on current energetic patterns that may be holding you back from personal happiness.

 The healing that takes place is at the core of your Soul, a very deep spiritual, emotional and physical level.

After a difficult session, you may feel lighter or heavier depending on how much pain there was left to heal.

I’m not a fortune-teller; I simply ’see’ what is going on in your body, mind or Spirit and relay this information to you in the moment.

I “scan” the energy of your body to see what may need clearing or healing as I open myself up to pure LOVE energy.

I’m only a vehicle or channel for this information and respect that the healing taking place is for the sole purpose of helping YOU to heal. It is not about me. It is about YOUR HEALING!

Simply, I allow the Shamanic Reiki Energy to go wherever it needs to go within you. You get to choose how to interpret the sacred messages, energy, or symbolic information offered to you and how it may apply to YOUR life.

How Can DISTANCE Shamanic Reiki Help Me?

Sometimes, healing anger and trauma is the longest and most difficult process. Trauma energy tends to get buried in our physical body if it is not addressed and healed.

Shamanic Reiki goes right to the core of what needs the most healing in a person. If you have suffered trauma, Shamanic Reiki can heal the energy behind the memory or trauma.

Professional Therapy can help you process your experiences while Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing can greatly assist by removing the toxic or heavy energy associated with the trauma. Shamanic Reiki compliments countless healing modalities.

Anger is a fierce protector of pain and fear. Anger becomes a protective habit. I believe the angrier a person is, the more pain the person is covering up underneath. If we can work through the angry energy and connect with the pain beneath– there is unthinkable joy beneath.

Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing can speed up YOUR HEALING PROCESS!

It is easier to switch on anger and not ‘feel’ than to become vulnerable. But it is in this vulnerable, raw state, that the deepest most profound healings can take place.

This is why I believe that in order to heal our shit, we need to FEEL OUR SHIT!

Slowly, with consistent Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing…an inner light starts to shine. Hope begins to grow! Things become lighter and your life begins to flow again.

Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing helps release heavy, painful energy and transmutes it with love.


How many sessions will you need:

Some people have more trauma and pain to heal, while others only need a few Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing sessions to balance their energy. I invite YOU to ask yourself what you need. I always encourage YOU to guide yourself to what is best for you!


My commitment to YOU:

My gifts are in ‘seeing’ and helping a person shift, move out, let go, manifest, or release whatever it is that may be holding an individual back in their life.

I treat each individual with great attention, individual care, and respect. I take GREAT responsibility in helping to guide and encourage my clients.

I insist upon walking beside my clients, not in front.

My goal is to empower my clients to discover their own Way to heal themselves with energy.

I honor all spiritual and religious backgrounds, openly accepting and supporting every person’s belief system. 


My own energy healing:

Before each Distance Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing session, I do a lot of  ‘cleansing work’ on myself so that I can provide the purest, most loving energy possible to you- at the HIGHEST VIBRATION. Only by healing myself every day, can I help to heal you.

My commitment to honesty & authenticity:

I will share everything I see, feel and hear during your session with you even if it is not warm and fuzzy! The spirits and your energy don’t lie and I make it my top priority to not filter anything. You deserve the truth!  I will let you know if there are energy blocks in your chakras, ancestors that are present, stored pain in certain areas of your body, cracked aura, cords, etc.


Since the messages I receive come from Spirit, I immediately forget what happens after a session. This is because I am only the channel/medium during my Shamanic Journeys. Confidentiality is guaranteed because I cannot recall your session after it’s completion. It’s not mine to hold onto.

Closing out energy healing sessions:

At the completion of your DISTANCE Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing session, I will thank your Spirit, your guides and any Spirit helpers that appeared to us during your Distance Shamanic Reiki session. Then, I will bring your Soul safely back from the Spirit realms–back into your current, physical body. Then, I will send you on your way with peace, acceptance, and love in a closing prayer.

I hope to be there for you throughout your healing journey. I look forward to supporting your unique healing process!

Miracles happen every day here at Shamanic Soul Coaching!