Happy Holidays!

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Blog

This year, I learned one thing….life is fragile.

It’s precious. It’s sacred. It’s temporary. It’s fleeting.

Nothing is promised and EVERYTHING can change in the blink of an eye.

It’s how we LOVE that matters.

It’s how well we love ourselves and SHARE this overflow of love with others.

What we ‘do’ doesn’t mean as much as experiencing the feelings of love and safety in these trying times.

Being is more important than doing.

Being the PEACE that another craves in times of suffering.

Being the SAFETY another needs as they experience shock and trauma.

Being the SOFTNESS another needs when the world turns harsh.

Being the SHELTER in the storm.

But we can’t be there for anyone else, if we are not there for ourselves.

Being there for YOURSELF as you experience all of your own triggers is vital.

Doing your own ‘healing work‘ can actually help your loved ones, and this world, even more.

Healing your own trauma energy will help you process wave after wave of the unprecedented stress and fears that people are facing in our world right now.

Learning “how” to heal your own trauma energy, balance your chakras, repair your aura, heal Soul loss, meet your Spirit guides, etc….can change your WHOLE life. Thus, changing the lives of those you love.

Remember: By healing yourself, you heal the world.

THIS is why I am offering huge discounts on 2 of my services until Christmas day!

With BOTH my 12 Week eCourse and my 3 Month Program, I am also offering a LIFETIME membership to a Shamanic Soul Circle Facebook group where you will receive weekly GROUP COACHING with me…forever.

Why? Creating a safe community where we can co-regulate our emotions TOGETHER as we navigate the world’s new waters is a must!

Essentially, we need each other. We need safe connections as we heal ourselves with energy.

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I’m with you. WE CAN DO THIS. We can heal our energy, to heal our lives!

Email me at: sarah@shamanicsoulcoaching.com with any questions!

PS: Sarah is now only working exclusively with women as this is her purpose and superpower!

In light & sincere GRATITUDE,