Choosing The Shaman’s Path

by | Apr 16, 2022 | Blog

Living a Shamanic life is not about sharing “spiritual” pictures of blissful smiles and saying how “blessed” you are day in and day out.

Nope! It can seriously suck.

It’s about doing the work every day on OURSELVES.

Cleansing, clearing, and cleaning our own energy so that we can offer you high vibe energy.

Healing does not feel good MAJORITY of the time.

It hurts. It’s scary. It can enrage you—and then, bring you to your knees without warning.

It’s about sitting down and breathing when you don’t want to.

ESPECIALLY when you do NOT want to.

Shamanic Healing is about traveling to the spirit realms and talking to souls that aren’t telling you what you want to hear.

It’s about being consistent, committed, and dedicated to looking at your OWN shit.

And, taking responsibility for what is yours.

It’s something I have practiced for 28 years and still, connecting to my own pain can be utterly devastating.

But, the deeper I go inside myself, the deeper I can look inside of your soul’s energy.

By balancing my own chakras and continuing to heal my past traumas, I can help you heal your own. That’s about it.

I am never fully healed.

I am never always happy or sweet or warm and fuzzy.

I have a shitload of dark energy that I have to balance every single day.

All I know is that, I will go into my meditation room and heal me so that I can HELP to heal you.

Your healing has nothing to do with Sarah Norwood. Why?

A healer doesn’t heal. A healer helps you heal yourself.

All I do is hold a safe space for you to express whatever is on your mind and in your heart.

That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Knowing that maybe, just maybe, one of my clients will learn how to guide themselves.

Heal themselves. Love themselves. Believe in themselves, and their worthiness, to live a life they love.

My pledge to you? To sit down in my own stuff EVERY DAY and to show up for you AS IS- not some beacon of peace and light.

It’s in the darkness that we can really get down in the dirt and get shit done.

Our lives aren’t ‘good vibes only’ Instagram pics.

Our lives are messy and uncomfortable and happy and sad.

Our lives are all over the place and then, fucking awesome.

Our lives are filled with our kids, animals, loved ones, arguments, tragedies, joys, and daily tasks.

Our lives aren’t about staring into a sunset and “looking peaceful”.

What do I want for you?


Not to LOOK relaxed. To genuinely FEEL relaxed so that you can truly enjoy your life.

All I know is that I will “go there” with you…wherever that is.

Wherever you are.

Thank you for being here! YOU make me a better person and your bravery to explore the spirit realms IS the reason I practice Shamanic healing. ❤️

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