100 Ways to Raise Your Vibe!

by | Sep 12, 2020 | Blog

Ever heard the expression, “your vibe attracts your tribe?” Tis’ very true! Your life mirrors your exact energetic frequency. In fact, your energy is like an instant Mapquest to everything good-and bad- in your life. Your friends, your love life, your job, your finances, etc were ALL manifested out of your very own vibration. Essentially, you are one big magnet! Your vibration is created by your thoughts and feelings. Go to: www.shamanicsoulcoaching.com to learn “how” to heal your energy, to heal your life!

Raising your vibration is necessary for a whole and happy life. What affects your energetic vibration? Pretty much everything! EVERYTHING carries energy: your thoughts, your feelings, what you eat, what you watch, who you spend time with, how well you take care of yourself…all of it matters! Depleting your energetic frequency can be quite dangerous as ‘like attracts like’. This means that even if you want abundance in your life, if you are only creating lower vibrational energy, you won’t be able to manifest riches of any kind. Your energy field signals the Universe to give you ‘more of’ what you are already vibing. And then, your life reflects this energy in every area of your life. The great news is that YOU have the POWER to shift your energy all of the time! It doesn’t take much effort. Subtle shifts can create profound shifts.

Here are a 100 ways to increase your vibration today:

1.) Drink plenty of water- at least eight, 8 ounce glasses!
2.) Get plenty of sunlight- at least 10 minutes a day
3.) Laugh…a lot
4.) Do some form of meditation
5.) Practice grounding techniques
6.) Go outside for 30 minutes
7.) Speak kindly to yourself
8.) Think happy thoughts- What you THINK, you FEEL. What you FEEL creates an ENERGY. That ENERGY manifests your entire LIFE!
9.) Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up (without judgement)
10.) Move your body to get your blood pumping
11.) Cleanse your body (or home) with white sage/palo santo
12.) Use Essential oils- specifically lavender or citrus oils to clean your energy, or the energy in your home/office
13.) Cleanse your energy with a singing bowl (tonal frequencies instantly shift energy)
14.) Listen to relaxing music
15.) Take Epsom salt baths. They instantly cleanse your aura!
16.) Swim, shower or float in water- water balances energy
17.) Eat dark leafy greens
18.) Sleep more
19.) Smile often
20.) Be YOU- express yourself
21.) Make love- sexual release balances your energy
22.) Balance your chakras every day. How? Learn how HERE.
23.) Zip up the bubble of energy around you learn how to
strengthen your aura
24.) Have sincere gratitude/appreciation for everything already in your life
25.) Forgive yourself- guilt/shame lowers your vibe tenfold!
26.) Walk barefoot- “earthing” shifts your energy
27.) Take deep breaths throughout your day- breathing helps you energy flow
28.) Create healthy boundaries WITHOUT apologies
29.) Stay away from toxic or negative people- vampire energies can drain your life force right out of you!
30.) Pet an animal for a few minutes
31.) Hug someone for more than 20 seconds
32.) Camp, hike, or be in nature often
33.) Technology detox- stay off social media and all electronic devices
34.) Read more- not on Kindle, but a real book!
35.) Journal your feelings
36.) Create a vision board
37.) Eat organic, fresh, wholesome foods
38.) Accept yourself for who you are TODAY. Exactly who you are. No one will accept and value you until YOU do. This creates a more relaxed, high vibe energy in your life!
39.) Watch a sunrise or sunset- look at something beautiful and appreciate it for five minutes
40.) Practice kindness- giving to someone less fortunate
41.) Dance- shake your shit!
42.) Sing/Chant- this opens your throat chakra!
43.) Play often- the energy of ‘play’ instantly shifts your energy
44.) Draw, paint, sculpt or create art of some kind
45.) Connect and talk with supportive people
46.) Get body work- Reflexology, Massage, Acupuncture, etc.
47.) Get Energy Healing- Reiki, Shamanic healing, Healing Touch, etc.
48.) Practice Mindfulness- be IN your body
49.) Spend time with children who are ‘in the moment’
50.) Practice self-care daily- Liking yourself is a daily practice. Loving yourself is a fucking lifestyle!
51.) Let go of things you cannot control (which is everything, but YOU!)
52.) Use crystals and stones to cleanse your energy (The Crystal Bible is a helpful resource)
53.) Practice mindful cooking, baking and eating. Slow down and really taste your food!
54.) Say positive affirmations and mantras: I AM…awesome, healthy, happy, rich, etc.
55.) Watch uplifting programs, shows and movies- violent and heavy shows lower your vibration
56.) Have an awareness of your own energy field so that you do not tap into other people’s energies.
57.) Use salt lamps in heavily used spaces in your home to lighten the energy
58.) Hold hands with someone you love
59.) Drink herbal teas
60.) Share your life story- it’s yours and ALL of it is important
61.) Trust and believe in yourself
62.) Pause and breathe before you react
63.) Stretch
64.) Get plenty of vitamin D3
65.) Be aware of chemicals in products that you use on your skin
66.) Don’t smoke…if you do, make sure it’s in moderation
67.) Pray or connect with your higher power/divine/source/god/universe
68.) Garden- get your hands dirty
69.) Do a hobby you enjoy for at least 10 minutes a day
70.) Volunteer- giving increases and lightens your vibe!
71.) Clean out clutter in your home/office
72.) Say NO (without apology) to anything that depletes your energy
72.) Compliment and praise others
73.) Create a sacred space in your home where you can feel peaceful
74.) Find an exercise you enjoy and do it at least 3 times a week
75.) Connect with your Soul’s energy by doing what you LOVE
76.) Listen to your intuition–your inner voice
76.) Practice acts of self-love EVERY day
77.) Take 100% responsibility for everything in your life- don’t blame people or circumstances
78.) Love yourself MORE than the desire to argue
79.) Be honest- be authentic at all times
80.) Trust you are ALWAYS on the path for your highest good
81.) Embrace your uniqueness
82.) Be gentle and patient with yourself
84.) Avoid gossip and drama
85.) Walk through your fears, one step at a time
86.) Love yourself ‘through’ whatever is happening in your life instead of resisting it
87.) Surround yourself with uplifting, positive people
88.) Slow down, breathe, pay attention- don’t rush through your life!
89.) Empower yourself by doing activities that build your
confidence & self-esteem
90.) Visualize your dream life, perfect health and anything else you desire
91.) Set positive intentions for your day
92.) Send love to someone you are having difficulty with in your life
93.) Ask for forgiveness
94.) Be mindful of the words you use to describe yourself and your life
95.) Bring fresh flowers into your home
96.) Jump up and down for five minutes
97.) Practice Yoga (or something similar) to connect your mind and body
98.) Practice Color Therapy- looking at specific colors can raise your vibration!
99.) Let go of guilt and shame- negatively impacts our energy fields the most
100.) Know that life is happening FOR you not AGAINST you! The Universe is always trying to support your deepest desires