CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for paying and registering for your Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership!


Your Spirit guided you to this group at this exact time in your life to support your healing process and I couldn’t be more excited for you!

Your Group Membership includes: 2 to 3 LIVE ZOOM GROUP COACHING CALLS per month, an exclusive Shamanic Soul Sisters Circle Facebook group, a complimentary (self-paced) 12 week advanced Shamanic Energy Healing eCourse with an option to become Certified, the unconditional support and energy medicine of the group and SO MUCH MORE!!

You will never be alone again doing ‘the healing work’!

***IMPORTANT: After your initial payment of $111, your monthly subscription of ONLY $111 per month will activate.***


Get EXCITED!! Just being IN the high vibrational and ABUNDANT energies of this sacred group has been known to change lives forever!
So…get ready! Your life is about to shift!
Please follow your First Healing Steps below so that you can learn how to HEAL your energy so that YOU can HEAL your life! 
These ‘first steps’ will help ease you into your Membership program.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at:

First Healing Steps:

Before you begin your healing journey, there are a few tools that need to be set up to ensure that you flow into this healing program with ease and joy!
1. Please click this link to REQUEST ACCESS to our private Facebook group so that you can become an official member: Shamanic Soul Sister Circle Facebook page.

2.  Click HERE so that you can access the content for your 12 week eCourse. Once you have completed your login registration, you can easily access your program by simply clicking on the ‘Go To Training‘ icon on the top right side of my website.

3. I will be doing 2-3 LIVE Zoom Energy Coaching Calls per month. These calls will be on Tuesdays at 11am MST. I will notify the group which Tuesdays of the month that I will be going live for your calls. The time/day of the week will always be the same if you have a call that week.



1.) Please keep your microphone on mute unless you are speaking. This will limit the background noise so that our energy is focused and respectful to those doing the work with Sarah and the group.
2.) These calls are completely CONFIDENTIAL. Please do not share what is experienced inside of our safe container with family/friends or online.
3.) To encourage members to show up for each call, Sarah will not be taking questions prior to your coaching sessions. There is a specific energy to being present when you ask your questions or share your experiences.
4.) If you feel that you cannot be 100% PRESENT for the call, please do not join. Our calls will be sacred and multi-tasking is not acceptable.
5.) Come with an open heart and not a fixed agenda or desired outcome. This will ensure Spirit guides us to our greatest healing and highest vibration by removing all restrictions. Healing has to be FREE to do it’s thing!

**Here is the ZOOM LINK to access your GROUP COACHING call with Sarah:

**This link may change so I will email you prior to every coaching call.

4. This private membership program is for people that want to go ALL IN. Meaning, if you don’t do the work, this program will not work for you! Please give it all you have and I promise you will heal and shift into a life that brings you so much more LOVE and joy. If you show up, I will too!

5. Gentle Reminder: I will NOT heal you. This Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership is for people that want to learn how to heal themselves at the deepest Soul level. You can do this! We will find what works for you and you will develop “YOUR WAY” to guide and heal your life!


And most importantly…HAVE FUN! Healing does not always have to hurt…discovering what ‘feels good’ for you should be an enjoyable process!
It’s not all about darkness and pain…healing can be liberating! The more you heal, the freer you will feel!


In light and darkness always,