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Your Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership includes a 12 Week eCourse! Your account is now ACTIVE! Please login and start accessing the first module to your eCourse so that you can learn “how” to HEAL your energy so that YOU can HEAL your life! Once you join the Shamanic Soul Circle Facebook page, your WEEKLY GROUP COACHING will begin!


Please find some ‘first steps’ below that you can take to ease into the eCourse below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at:


First Healing Steps:


Before you begin your healing journey, there are a few tools that need to be set up to ensure that you flow into this healing program with ease and joy!


  1. Click HERE so that you can access the content for your 12 Week Shamanic Soul Coaching eCourse which is included in your membership!
  2. Please download the WhatsApp  so that you and I can communicate. Make sure to send me your phone number so that we can connect! I will be able to text you and also send you voice messages throughout your journey. I will not be calling you to talk on the phone or meeting with you in person, but I ensure you will NEVER be alone doing this work!
  3. I will be doing weekly Group Coaching in Facebook Lives to answer all of your questions in our private Shamanic Soul Coaching Circle Facebook page. Please make sure that you become a ‘member’ of this sacred group. Also, send your weekly questions to so that I can answer them on my weekly Facebook Live sessions!
  4. Make sure to access the BONUS section. The bonus section includes priceless information that will assist in your healing journey!
  5.  I am offering your lesson weekly plans in two formats: written and audio transcript. How do you learn best? Reading or listening to a lesson? I will also be offering a video introduction for each lesson to break down what’s inside.
  6. This Membership Program is for people that want to go ALL IN. Meaning, if you don’t do the work, this program will not work for you! Please give it all you have and I promise you will heal and shift into a life that brings you so much more LOVE and joy. If you show up, I will too!
  7. Reminder: I will NOT heal you. My group coaching sessions and 12 Week Shamanic Soul Coaching eCourse is for people that want to learn “how” to heal themselves at the deepest Soul level. You can do this! We will find what works for you and you will develop “YOUR WAY” to guide and heal your life!
  8. HAVE FUN! Healing does not have to hurt…discovering what ‘feels good’ for you should be an enjoyable process!


It’s not all about darkness and pain…healing can be liberating! The more you heal, the freer you will feel!


Please note you will receive a copy of the First Steps in your inbox if you would like to refer back to them again later. In case you don’t see that email in the next 15 minutes, please check your spam or promotions tab just in case.




In light and darkness always,