Summer Savings 2021!

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Blog

Hello Shamanic Soul Coaching friends!

I wanted to send a quick note about some super summer savings at Shamanic Soul Coaching!

Three of my services are on sale for the entire month of July!

As you know, I created a Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership service last Fall. But….

I had no idea just how powerful healing TOGETHER would be!

I had no idea how many women craved genuine support, connection and co-regulation.

I had no idea just how much I would LOVE group coaching!

It’s my absolute favorite service I offer now. Why?

Not only do you get a 12 week Shamanic Energy Healing eCourse with my Group Membership…you can become a CERTIFIED Energy Healer (or Shamanic Practitioner) AND receive WEEKLY, LIFETIME coaching from yours truly.

I show up every Thursday at 1pm mst on a Facebook Live to answer all of your Energy Healing questions.

I show up as myself.

I show up a mess some days.

I show up and share my truth so that you feel safe enough to share yours.

It is a safe space.

It is a place where all of the special ladies in the group aren’t afraid to go deep and explore the root cause to what may be holding them back from living their happiest life.

We talk about EVERYTHING energy, balancing your chakras, your personal struggles, breaking toxic cycles, emotional trauma and so much more…

Nothing is off limits!

And, guess what?

My Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership is on SALE!

I am offering this LIFETIME Group Coaching Membership for 50% off for the entire month of July!

Click HERE to take advantage of this healing and transformative service! When purchasing, use the 50% off coupon: VIBEUP

One student said:

“Sarah, I feel so liberated after your live (coaching call) the other day!! If you remember, I had mentioned in a previous live that I had been having upper back pain. It was getting SO MUCH worse where I would have to lay on a heating pad every day to ease the pain. Well, after your live the other day where you helped me trace my stuff back to when I was 5 years old, I noticed the following day my back pain was GONE! And, within the last 2 days, I have picked up 2 more clients! Thank you for taking the time to help me!
I am SO grateful to have you in my life.” – Group Coaching Client

And another:

“This is better advice than I have ever received from any Psychologist! Absolutely amazing!  – Chelsea B.


Not interested in joining our sacred Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Circle, but need MONTHLY energetic maintenance?

I created a brand new MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION service where established clients can save more cash on SINGLE sessions!

Often my clients need an energetic boost and chakra balance EVERY month so that they can stay in their flow and strengthen their personal healing practice.

Healing is forever. It is a dance.

And, the more consistent we are at conserving, protecting and maintaining our energy system…the better we feel.

When we feel good, good things happen!

New clients pay = $285 per session
Established clients pay = $250 per session
MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION clients pay= $230 per session

Email me at: and I will set you up for MONTHLY HEALING SESSIONS!


Not wanting a monthly subscription, but still want to save more money on SINGLE session?

Purchase a Package of 5 individual sessions with the same discount as the monthly subscription ($230)!

Click HERE to purchase a discounted Package of 5 Distance Shamanic Reiki Sessions!


Or maybe you need something much more intensive to accelerate your healing process…

Maybe you are looking to become your very own Shaman.

Maybe you need 1 on 1 intensive support with Sarah directly for an entire 3 month period…

Maybe you are looking to turn your pain into your purpose…

If so, check out my 3 Month Shamanic Soul Coaching PROGRAM.

It’s 20% off the entire month of July!

This offer will not last…perhaps, now is the time for YOU to Heal Your Energy to Heal Your WHOLE Life!

CLICK HERE if you are ready to go ALL IN and become your very own Shaman! Use the coupon code: ENERGY to receive 20% off!


Whether you simply want to hit the reset button on your energy field OR you want to learn how YOU can balance your own energy…I’m here to help!

Have a wonderful rest of your Summer, friends!

Stay cool. Stay balanced. Stay well!


Shamanic Mountain Healing