Summer 2022 Newsletter & New Service

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Happy Summer Soul Sisters! How are you doing?

It’s been a whirlwind of intense, heavy energies since Spring.

So much sadness.

So much fear.

So much anger.

I feel like we are just catching our breath as we enter into the second half of summer.

The good news? Things are beginning to shift and some powerful manifestation energies are being offered to us right now!

There is a small window of opportunity to dramatically alter your life IF you take inspired action.

This means that if you are coming up with excuses for why you can’t have something or do something, you will continue to stay stuck.

If you DECIDE that you can have what you want and you take consistent steps towards it…you will get in alignment with your Spirit’s path.

Here is an Energy Exercise that I teach my Shamanic Soul Group Coaching students to get CLEAR on what they want, what they are no longer available for…and what they are truly ready to create in their lives moving forward. Journaling your desires almost instantly SHIFTS your energy!

Energy Exercise- “DECIDE”:

To begin this “DECIDE” Energy Exercise:

  • Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Then, draw a line down the middle.
  • On the LEFT SIDE, write what you are ‘DONE’ with in your life.
  • What patterns/cycles? What people? What job? What type of treatment? Debt? Struggles?
  • What will you NEVER settle for again?
  • What are you completely UNAVAILABLE FOR moving forward?
  • What will you not tolerate one more day of your life?
  • Get REALLY detailed and crystal clear. This is the only way that the Universe can give you what you want.
  • NOW, On the RIGHT SIDE of the paper, write down what you give permission to in your life moving forward.
  • What will you ALLOW? Accept?
  • What will you manifest?
  • What new job, new relationship, new money, new love will you give permission to in this next chapter of your life?
  • What is your new standard? Once you DECIDE, the Universe will pick up on your frequency and whip your order up!
  • Focus on what you DO WANT, not what you don’t.

REMEMBER: All you have to do to manifest a life that you LOVE is:  Decide, FEEL what it would feel like to already have it, Ask your guides/higher power/source/divine for help, Raise your vibe to match the frequency of your desires by doing what you LOVE…and Finally, have GRATITUDE and TRUST that it is already yours.

Energy Exercise Questions To Help You DECIDE:

  • What would a HEALED life look like for you?
  • Who would be in it?
  • What would you be FEELING if you woke up and were ALREADY living your dream life?
  • What would you be doing?
  • How much money would you be making?
  • How much LOVE would you be receiving and giving you in your relationships?
  • How FREE would you feel?
  • How great would it feel to create your own health, wealth, unconditional love and happiness?
  • To know that YOU are in control of it all and not to have to rely on any resources outside of yourself?
  • How would you live differently TODAY?

***Disclaimer: Read the Terms & Conditions before proceeding with these Energy Exercises. Sarah Norwood is not a doctor or therapist and does not diagnose or treat clients. Always contact your health provider prior to trying anything new (oils, herbs, exercises, etc.). The information contained in this program was gathered by Sarah Norwood. Proceed at your own risk. If something doesn’t feel good, discontinue practice/use. Remember: You are your own greatest healer.


Click Here for a video introduction to Sarah’s NEW Service!


1.) SINGLE Distance Shamanic Reiki Session:

Sarah utilizes a powerful and unique healing process that is called Shamanic Reiki– a beautiful combination of two ancient healing methods, Shamanism and Reiki. Distance Shamanic Energy Healing utilizes an energetic process where the Shaman is in one location and the client is in another.

Sarah has the gift of being able to leave the human, physical world and travel to alternate realms in the Spirit world. This is where she helps you to heal at a ‘Soul level’.

Sarah safely takes you on a Shamanic journey and then opens up to the Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki). Essentially, Sarah combines Shamanic Healing (healing in alternate realms) while simultaneously channeling loving Reiki Energy to her clients for the entire length of their sessions.

Sarah not only calls on your Spirit once you have journeyed to the spirit world, she calls on your Spirit Guides/helpers (animal, ancestor, and angel guides) and any other enlightened beings to help you heal a current or past issue or trauma.

Once Sarah is in the spirit world, she audio records everything that she sees/feels/hears during your session.

After the completion of your session, Sarah will immediately email you a customized audio recording in an MP3 format that you can keep forever. Your MP3 audio file will be sent via Google Drive so that you can easily download and listen to your session at your convenience.

***These transformative sessions are NOT completed on the phone, in person or on Zoom because Sarah finds that distance energy healing is more effective when performed in a deep, transitive state (altered state of consciousness).***

In Sarah’s energy sessions, she utilizes a variety of healing modalities which include: Shamanic Reiki, traditional Reiki, aura repair, chakra balancing, soul retrieval and recovery, karmic cleansing, and soul possession clearing.

Click HERE to purchase your discounted SINGLE Distance Shamanic Reiki session!
“Had my first session with Sarah Norwood today and boy was it awesome. I cried, I laughed, and I reflected while listening to my session. Hearing my hurt come through, and knowing that I’m open and ready (spiritually) to deal with it and heal, is soooooo reassuring that I’m on the right path. 20/10 would recommend.” – Nicki L., Distance Shamanic Reiki Session Client

“Yes. An emphatic yes. She will work with you so well to help you clear and heal what needs to go. Her skills, talents and abilities will amaze you. I have seen many shamanic healers and other spiritual healers for years. Sarah is a category on her own. Powerful in authentic and powerful ways rooted in god. I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah since 2013 and my life is more enlightened and better from her assistance. Each session is mind-blowing. Each session is also freeing. She is worth every dollar and more. You will not regret your session. Be honest and she will really help you. She is a radiant space of UNCONDITIONAL love.”- Keith Willschau of Colorado Springs, CorePower Yoga Teacher, Writer, Leader, and Natural Born Healer

2.) The Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership:

Group Healing is POWERFUL.

Trauma happens in isolation.

Healing happens in connection.

Already an ESTABLISHED CLIENT and want discounted session rates and a loving support system to do your Energy Healing work? Check out what is included in this magical healing group of POWERFUL WOMEN:

~WEEKLY GROUP COACHING with Sarah (via Facebook Live) to accelerate your healing process. You can “Ask Spirit” your questions so that you never feel alone doing this work! Calls last up to TWO HOURS long!

~12 Modules of Written Lessons with Audio Transcripts about Shamanism & Energy Healing. This is an ADVANCED Energy Healing eCourse.

~12 Weeks of Soul-Work (Homework) Prompts Offered In Workbook

~Exclusive access to DISCOUNTED single (distance) healing sessions AND monthly/bi-monthly subscriptions!

~CERTIFICATION as an Energy Healing Practitioner or Shamanic Healing Practitioner (if desired)

~TRAUMA IS STORED IN THE BODY. Learn how to heal your TRAUMA ENERGY as Sarah is a CERTIFIED Trauma-Informed Coach!

~Exclusive membership to Sarah’s sacred Shamanic Soul Sister Circle on Facebook where you will safely connect with other women doing “the work”

~BONUS: Soul-Work Workbook, Energy Exercises, Law of Attraction Info, Life Changing Books, Guided Meditations & More!

What are students saying about Sarah’s sacred Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership?

“This is better advice than I have ever received from any Psychologist! Absolutely amazing!Shamanic Soul Group Member

“Omg, I am halfway through trauma 101. WOW WOW WOW! What a powerful lesson. WOW!!! Very powerful module. The energy exercises are spot on too. Sarah you are amazing. Much love to you. Thank you for healing us and for showing us how to heal ourselves.” -Shamanic Soul Group Member

“When I started Sarah’s 12 week course, I never thought it would bring so much love and light into my life! It’s way more than a course, it’s a family with unconditional love! And, you will be AMAZED how your life transforms and healing begins!” – Shamanic Soul Group Member

“Sarah has quite literally saved my life with her energy, love, patience, and wisdom. I am forever grateful.” – Shamanic Soul Group Member

3.) 1 on 1 Shamanic Soul Coaching (3 MONTH) Program: This program is for intensive, accelerated healing. It is a 4 figure program that calls for a deep commitment to your healing process. It includes:

~24 Shamanic Soul Coaching Calls! As a client of Sarah’s exclusive 1 on 1 program, you receive automatic access to everything in Sarah’s Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership! This means that you will have access to coaching calls TWICE WEEKLY!

~1 on 1 Shamanic Soul Coaching Program Calls will be on Tuesdays via Zoom. They may include: Trauma-Informed Coaching, LIVE Energy Healings, LIVE Guided Meditations, Guidance to Break Toxic Cycles, Healing Business Support, Healing Emotional or Trauma Energy, Chakra Balancing, Aura Repair, Psychic Readings, Shamanic Journeying Discussions and much MORE! (Need DEEP energy work? These LIVE sessions can be replaced with distance MINI CHAKRA BLASTS instead!)

~Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership Calls will be on Thursdays via Facebook Live. These GROUP calls may include: Trauma-Informed Coaching, “Ask Spirit” questions/topics answered, Energy Healing eCourse questions answered, Group Tarot Card Readings, Guided Meditations & MORE!

~Advanced eCourse in Shamanism & Energy Healing with CERTIFICATION option. Includes 12 modules of written class content with audio transcripts & videos with a possibility to become a CERTIFIED Shamanic Healing Practitioner or Energy Healing Practitioner

~Private 1 on 1 WhatsApp text support (during select days/hours) and a customized Trello Coaching Board to map out your intentions and goals for the next 3 months!

~Exclusive access to a private ‘Shamanic Soul Sister Circle’ Facebook Group with other powerful women that are doing the healing work!

~Access to very high frequency energies so that you can raise your own vibration. Only when you are radiating a high vibe can you attract and manifest ABUNDANCE in your life! Just being IN Sarah’s energy can help you heal!

~Learn “how” to become your very own Shaman by developing your unique daily Shamanic Healing practice.

~Learn how to build an Energy Healing tool basket, physical healing team & spirit team.

~Learn how to balance your own Energy Field (chakras, repair your aura, protect your energy), heal your emotional and trauma energies, meet your spirit guides, journey to the spirit world, retrieve parts of your soul, heal your karmic energy, create a healing practice and RAISE YOUR VIBE so that you can manifest a life you LOVE TO LIVE!

~BONUSES: DISCOUNTED Mini Chakra Blast & Distance SINGLE Energy Healing Sessions, Soul-Work Workbook, Energy Exercises, Law of Attraction Info, Life Changing Books, Guided Meditations & More!

“Very gifted and powerful Shaman and Intuitive Reiki Healer. Because of Sarah, I’ve started down a completely new spiritual path. I recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and healing when other modalities have failed. She is one of the best. I constantly refer people to her and yet we have never met in person. She did work with me from a distance which proved just as powerful as in person, if not more powerful.”- Peggy Laney, Shamanic and Akashic Record Healer at

“The toughest part of healing yourself is having to dive into the deep dark spaces within that you perhaps haven’t looked at or acknowledged for a very long time. When we are in that dark space it is SO easy to feel isolated and alone in the pain and trauma. The greatest realization is that we are NOT alone and that is what Sarah Norwood’s weekly group coaching sessions offer. Sarah allows Spirit to guide her in each and every call, she answers questions and not only that but helps to guide you on your healing journey. I cannot express how much I have gained from these weekly sessions and from the support of not only Sarah but from all of the AMAZING women who are in this group. Thank you Sarah Norwood for your incredible support and love!” Linda, Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Client

What makes Sarah’s Coaching Program different from the others? It’s TRAUMA-INFORMED. This means that it is a SAFE PLACE TO HEAL.


Join Sarah on Tuesdays from 1pm-2pm MST via Zoom to receive a live GROUP reading (with up to 5 participants). Readings are NOT healings. If you are interesting in HEALING, please see the above services. If you just need quick ANSWERS then this mini service might be perfect for you!

What to READ prior to your “Ask Spirit Live Group Reading“:

1.) Once you register and pay for your “Ask Spirit” Live Group Reading, you will receive a Zoom link with a passcode and a calendar invite. Please put your reading time/day on your calendar as Sarah does not accept late entries into the Zoom session to ensure that the flow of energies are not disrupted.

1.) Sarah will need your FULL NAME and DATE OF BIRTH in order to access your energy. You will need to be at least 21 years old in order to receive a live group reading. Sarah’s services are exclusively for WOMEN as well.

2.) You are allowed to ask ONE QUESTION that Sarah will allow 15 MINUTES (or more) to answer. Sarah will NOT answer HEALTH questions or predict when someone passes away. If you want a specific answer, ask a detailed question. If you ask a general question, you will get a general answer.

3.) OR…you can leave your “Ask Spirit Live Group Reading” entirely up to Spirit! Sarah will tap in just share everything that she sees, feels and hears!

4.) Spirit will guide Sarah to the answer, but know that all Psychic Mediums are only capturing a ‘snapshot’ of your energy and the answer that is offered in that moment. Energy can change and the future prediction can as well. Nothing is carved in stone!

5.) Sarah cannot promise whether she can contact a deceased loved one OR that what she shares WILL or WILL NOT happen. Again, she will share the instant answer that she gets in the current moment. Know that just by ‘asking’ and paying for your reading…YOU are shifting and your Soul will already know the answer!

6.) YOU are your own greatest healer and your higher self knows ALL. It’s just a matter of you learning ‘how’ to tap into the higher dimensional energies and your Spirit team (guides, source, divine, power animals, etc). Sarah can teach you this if you choose to work with her! To learn “how” to heal your energy vibration so you can actually manifest and ATTRACT what you really want in life, click here:

7.) Also, there is no TIME in the Spirit realms. There is no PAST, PRESENT OR FUTURE in the Spirit world…so Sarah cannot predict an EXACT date of when something might happen. She will read your energy and channel the sacred messages for you in the current moment. Your energy vibration will ultimately determine what you manifest in the future.

8.) THERE ARE NO REFUNDS AFTER YOUR LIVE READING. If you are not satisfied, then that is ok! The results do not come FROM SARAH…they come THROUGH HER and so she is only the channel for the sacred messages offered to her. At the end of the reading she knows that even if your human self doesn’t like or accept the answer…she showed up and shared what came through. She does hope that you feel you received the love and GUIDANCE that you were seeking!

9.) Each person will have 15+ minutes for Sarah to answer your ONE QUESTION.

10.) Come prepared with your ONE QUESTION and when it is your turn, please share your FULL NAME and DATE OF BIRTH.

Interested in a Live Group Reading? Click HERE!

I am SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU IN THE SPIRIT REALMS this SUMMER so that we can make your dreams a reality by taking advantage of the transformative energies in 2022!

PS- I book 1 to 2 months out so please make sure to book if you are interested as my sessions are booking up fast!

Love & Peace,