Shamanic Soul Sister Circle Offer!

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Blog

Hello dear ones!

I woke up this morning with so much gratitude and excitement in my heart for the phenomenal women in my Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership.

We share a sacred Shamanic Soul Sisterhood on Facebook in this special group.

It’s where we go when we need to fill up with extra LOVE & SUPPORT on our individual healing journeys.

The one thing that the last two years have taught me is the importance of co-regulation and connection.


Trauma happens in isolation.

Healing trauma occurs when we share our most painful truths with one another.

We know that we are NOT ALONE when we bravely share our pain, anger, fears and highs and lows in a safe space with others.

This is why I created my Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership.

I wanted to bring together a bunch of extraordinary women that were committed to the ‘healing path’…and had the greatest intentions do whatever it took to heal themselves back to wholeness.

Do you need to be a part of a powerful group of women that are working on healing their energy…to heal their whole lives?

Women that are doing ‘the work’?

Women that all have spiritual gifts and are working on developing their own healing abilities?

Join my sacred Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership to receive an ADVANCED Shamanic Energy Healing eCourse (with potential Certification) WEEKLY live “Ask Spirit” Coaching Calls with yours truly.

My Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership is only $444 with a monthly subscription of $44 (FOR A LIMITED TIME!)

What’s INSIDE this sacred membership?

1.) WEEKLY GROUP COACHING with Sarah (via Facebook Live) to accelerate your healing process. You can submit your questions/topics about Energy Healing to Sarah for her weekly “Ask Spirit” Coaching Calls which last up to TWO HOURS (totaling almost 8 HOURS of LIVE COACHING WITH SARAH per month!)
2.) 12 Modules of Written Lessons with Audio Transcripts about Shamanism & Energy Healing. This is an ADVANCED Energy Healing eCourse.
3.) 12 Weeks of Soul-Work (Homework) Prompts Offered In Workbook
4.) Exclusive access to DISCOUNTED single (distance) healing sessions AND monthly/bi-monthly subscriptions!
5.) CERTIFICATION as an Energy Healing Practitioner or Shamanic Healing Practitioner (if desired)
6.) TRAUMA IS STORED IN THE BODY. Learn how to heal your TRAUMA ENERGY as Sarah is a Trauma-Informed Healer
7.) Exclusive membership to Sarah’s sacred Shamanic Soul Coaching Circle on Facebook where you will safely connect with other women doing “the work”

8.) BONUS: Soul-Work Workbook, Energy Exercises, Law of Attraction Info, Life Changing Books, Guided Meditations & SO MUCH More!Read testimonials from group members and learn even more by clicking HERE!


Read testimonials from group members and learn even more by clicking HERE!

Doing this type of work can often feel lonely, scary and confusing at times…allow this group to walk beside you on your journey.

Allow the women in my sacred Shamanic Soul Circle to lift you up with LOVE!

Hope to see you in Spirit or in my group soon!

Let the healing begin!

**IMPORTANT**- In order to be eligible for my group, you will have had to experience at least ONE of my single Distance Shamanic Reiki Sessions to ensure that we are a good fit! Click HERE to book your healing session today!

In light and darkness always,