1 on 1 Shamanic Soul Coaching

Members In This Accelerated Healing Program Will Receive: 12 week Course in Shamanism & Energy Healing, 6 Distance Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing Sessions, WEEKLY Facebook Lives, Energy Exercises, Soul-Work, Guided Meditations, Shamanic Tools/Books/Resources, BONUS Certification Option, Audio Transcript Files, Videos and SO Much More!


Sarah’s 3 Month Shamanic Soul Coaching Program is right for you if


You want to learn HOW to heal yourself at a Soul level


You have tried EVERYTHING to change your relationships, finances, mental or physical health, career path, and NOTHING is working- It’s time to look at your energy!


You keep attracting the same toxic people & situations to you (over and over).


You feel stuck even though you have read every self-help book out there and have tried EVERYTHING under the sun to live a positive life.


Shamanism feels like it is ‘calling your name‘ everywhere you go. You feel led to this.


You have a sincere interest in Shamanism, Shamanic Journeying, connecting with your Spirit Guides, receiving sacred messages, exploring past lives, and learning how to heal yourself at a Soul Level.


You want to learn ‘HOW‘ to become your very own Shaman so that YOU can balance your own energy. This includes learning how to balance your own chakra and auric systems.


You have a desire to build a Shamanic Healing practice so that you can help others heal one day!

Sarah Norwood

Shamanic Soul Coaching is for YOU if:


You are ready to FEEL YOUR SHIT so that you can HEAL YOUR SHIT by taking full responsibility for everything- good and bad in your life…Sarah will teach you how to heal your energy, to heal your life!


You keep attracting the same toxic people & situations to you (over and over) and want to learn HOW to protect yourself from other people’s yucky energies!


You want to understand what exactly your energy field is–and how it is quite literally manifesting EVERYTHING into your life


You want to learn how to separate your energy from others (coexist), protect it from negative people, break toxic cycles, cut cords, clear residual energy locate and heal trauma energy, move/shift/grow healthy energy, and clear all low vibrational energies (guilt, shame, doubt, etc.) from your own energy field


You want to become CERTIFIED so that you can open your own Shamanic Energy Healing practice one day!


You want to learn HOW to unblock/balance/cleanse/clear/strengthen your own chakra system & aura


You want to learn what specific tools can enhance and protect your energy field on a daily basis


You want to learn how YOU can stay ‘filled up‘ with energy so that you never get depleted again


You want to learn how to stay protected from destructive energies as an Empath


You want to learn how to build an ABUNDANT vibe that will match the frequency of what you MOST desire in life




You would rather take a class that reads like a book and takes you on a journey rather than a boring “how to” guide!

How will this 3 Month Shamanic Soul Coaching program help you?

Sarah’s 12 week, accelerated Healing Program will teach you:

How to HEAL yourself at a SOUL level

What is a Shamanism? What is a Shaman?

The basics of Energy Healing, Meditation, Chakra Balancing & Aura Repair.

How to SAFELY go on a Shamanic Journey to alternative realms in the Spirit world

How to meet your Spirit Guides/Helpers, Totem Power Animals, Angels, Ancestors, etc.

How to Channel Sacred Messages from the Spirit world to the physical world

How to retrieve parts of your Soul that may have fragmented off (Soul Loss) during trauma through Soul Retrieval and Past Life Regression work

How to combine your other healing modalities with your Shamanic Healing practice

How to build a Shamanic Healing Practice YOUR Way!

How to become your very own Shamanic Healer so that you can step into the role of a Shaman!

If you decide that you are called to the Shaman’s path, you will receive:

12 Modules of Class Content with Audio Transcripts

6 Distance Shamanic Reiki Energy Healing Sessions (2 per month for 3 months)

12 Weeks of Soul-Work (Homework) Prompts Offered In Workbook

12 Weekly Guided Meditations

Lifetime membership access to a private ‘Shamanic Soul Circle’ Facebook Group

Lifetime Access to weekly Shamanic Soul Circle Facebook LIVE Sessions with Sarah

BONUS Section Includes: Option to Become a Certified Shamanic Energy Healing Practitioner, Shamanic Resources/Tools/Books

and so much more!


Shamanic Soul Coaching is FOR people that:

Don’t mind cuss words. Sarah gets real, and for her, this means expressing her passion with a couple of f-bombs!

DON’T expect an overnight FIX! Any type of healing takes time and dedication. Three months of energy healing will shift your life…but, it will take your ongoing commitment to yourself, and your energy healing practice, to experience real, life-long change.

Are willing to OWN their shit! Meaning taking full responsibility for the energy that YOU bring to the table…rage, fear, shame, guilt, frustration, worry, anxiety, blame, etc.

Are SO DONE with the same old cycles, miserable relationships, financial stress, pain, hopelessness and negative people in your life

Are willing to FEEL your shit! Are ready to do some DEEP work on themselves.

Are ready to surrender to their life, trust your path, and live their purpose

Are ready to surrender to their life, trust your path, and live their purpose

Want to accept their WHOLE SELF with love and gratitude

Don’t have strict expectations, but are OPEN to the healing transformation throughout this 2 month class, more so than analyzing every word.

Understands that Sarah is the “Shaman that lives WITH SPIRIT and WITHOUT RULES!” This means that Sarah goes with the flow and she invites you to do the same!

What Clients Are Saying

"I’m eternally grateful to Sarah for helping me heal my deepest wounds, strengthen my connection with Spirit, develop gifts I didn’t realize I had, and establish my own shamanic healing practice to support other people on their spiritual journeys."

Dr. Kelly Arora, Spiritual Director & Shamanic Guide at www.talkswithspirit.com

“Very gifted and powerful Shaman and Intuitive Reiki Healer. Because of Sarah, I’ve started down a completely new spiritual path. I recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and healing when other modalities have failed. She is one of the best. I constantly refer people to her and yet we have never met in person. She did work with me from a distance which proved just as powerful as in person, if not more powerful.”

Peggy Laney, Shamanic and Akashic Record Healer at www.auricreikihealing.com

“Sarah Norwood is one of the most gifted, down to earth, matter of fact healers. She continues to blow me away with her work and has been an integral part of my inner work and personal healing. Every single session with her is 100%, 100% SPOT ON! If you are ready to step up into the person you came to the earth plane to become, Sarah will help you get there. I love this woman and every ounce of her Divine self! Total life changer!”

Erica Hodgson of Celestial Coaching and Bodywork at www.ericahodgson.com

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