My Top 5 Grounding Techniques & Holiday Deals!

by | Nov 28, 2020 | Blog

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I know it was different this year.

I know that many people celebrated alone, or only with their immediate family.

There was a LOT of sad and lonely energy this year due to the division in our country and a virus that just won’t quit.

As an empath, I felt the overwhelming heavy energy leading up to Thanksgiving Day.

The Holidays are always a little bittersweet as we remember our childhood pasts and the loved ones that we may have lost.

But, this year seemed a little more bitter than sweet!

As Thanksgiving day approached, my family and I realized that we would not see each other due to Covid concerns.

It was upsetting…at first…

Then, we realized how blessed we really were.

Quickly, disappointment turned to gratitude.

We had the gift of life when so many families did not.

We had good jobs, money for food, and our health.

We had even more LOVE and APPRECIATION for one another.

We did not take for granted the fact that we were all safe and healthy, when so many families were suffering across the country.

We felt sincere gratitude for: the warmth of our homes, the food in our cabinets, the hot showers we could take, the jobs we were able to do, the closeness of our family even though we were thousands of miles apart, and for the technology that allowed us to ‘see’ one another though our phones.

Although the virus kept us physically apart this year…we remained connected in Spirit.

As we move into the rest of the Holidays, my wish for you is to FEEL the magic of the season!

I hope that it touches your heart and brings merriment to your Soul!

In light and magic,

Do You Get Triggered During the Holidays?

As I count my blessings, I also want to acknowledge that not everyone has a loving home, safe relationships, or financial security during the Holiday season.

In fact, the Holidays are much less about sparkle and more about overwhelming fear and grief for so many.

Some people do not have such loving families.

Some people have to chronically defend themselves from psychological abuse at the family table.

For them, the fancy place settings and colorful decorations do nothing to promote the peace of the season.

Some people have family/friends/partners that are physically abusive, so being “home for the Holidays’ is anything but safe and warm.

Home is not always the happy place that you may see on Instagram, with families in matching Christmas pj’s, drinking hot cocoa and making reindeer shaped cookies.

I want to acknowledge this as I am very sensitive to the struggles that some of you may be experiencing as the lights of the season may trigger feelings of anxiety and depression.

For those of you that feel unsafe during the Holidays, I would like to help you learn a few simple ways to stay grounded in your body.

By centering yourself, you will protect your energy against the toxic relative (s) that you may have to encounter this month.

You deserve to always feel safe, valued, respected, and loved.

And, I am so sorry if this is not an option because of the environment you have to live in, or travel to, this Holiday season.

Know that you are NOT ALONE.

I see you, I hear you and I feel your pain.

Here are some simple ways to take care of your energy–and Soul– this season.

My Top 5 Grounding Techniques:

1.) 5 Things: The fastest way to ground yourself back into your body is to practice the ‘5 Things‘ exercise. By connecting to your 5 senses, you will immediately be able to re-center yourself into the present moment. When you start to feel yourself dissociating (leaving your body), look around and begin to feel what is happening to you. Sit down and ask yourself: What 5 things do you see? What 5 things do you hear? What 5 things do you feel? What 5 things do you smell? What five things can you touch? This easy exercise brings you back to the present moment. It increases your awareness so that you can figure out what you need in that moment to take care of yourself.

2.) Earthing: Go outside and dig your feet into the Mother Earth! Earthing reconnects you to the energies of the earth. It changes your frequency almost instantly. Earthing realigns you with neutralizing energies and decreases the intensity from heavier emotions like anxiety, anger, fear and sadness. It reminds us that nature is one of the greatest tools we can utilize to balance our energy. If you can, remove your socks and shoes and walk outside in the grass and soil. It’s like hitting an instant ‘reset’ button on your energy field!

3.) Go To The Water: Drink water. Bathe in water. Listen to water (ocean, streams etc.). Be around water. Water neutralizes dark, heavy, sticky and draining energies. Drinking water gives you energy and protects you from toxic energies in your environment. Taking a hot shower, or bath, with epsom salts instantly grounds you back into your body. Imagine the water as a crystal healing liquid removing any low vibrational energies and filling you back up with LOVE. Soaking in water helps to transmute any feelings of pain, anger and fear and turns them into PEACE. Essentially waters grounding properties brings you back “home” to your natural essence.

4.) Shake Your Booty: Move your hips! Dance of any kind can ground you back into your body. Kundalini Yoga…Belly Dance….just MOVE YOUR BODY. If you are not moving your body, your energies can become stagnant and numb. Even stomping your feet on the ground, jumping up and down or shaking your hands gets your blood circulating…thus, helping your energy to ground and flow! Moving your hips not only empowers your body, it can give you the renewed confidence to reenter a tough room of critics!

5.) Go Outside: Going outside to get some fresh air seems too simple to be effective in balancing your energy. But, it is! When things become too stressful indoors as the festivities press on this Holiday season, excuse yourself and GO OUTSIDE. Once outside, take 3 cleansing breaths. Soak in the sunlight (or clouds…it doesn’t matter) as you breathe in the crisp air on a count of 5. Then, hold your breath for a count of 5. And finally, exhale your breath for another count of five. This quick “timeout” resets your nervous system and gives your mindset an instant boost! Removing and disengaging from negative people inside the house (even for 10 minutes) helps to raise your energetic vibration. This short reprieve also reminds you that this Holiday visit is TEMPORARY. Go outside and breathe as many times as needed. Better yet? Take a quick walk around the block to relieve any additional tension in your body!

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In light & sincere GRATITUDE,