Last Chance Offers!

by | Nov 5, 2021 | Blog

Hello dear ones!

This is a gentle reminder to get into my Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership before the price goes up one thousand dollars after Thanksgiving!

I am offering 75% off until THANKSGIVING DAY!


The one thing that the last two years have taught me is the importance of co-regulation and connection.


Trauma happens in isolation.

Healing trauma occurs when we share our most painful truths with one another.

We know that we are NOT ALONE when we bravely share our pain, anger, fears and highs and lows in a safe space with others.

This is why I created my Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership.

I wanted to bring together a bunch of extraordinary women that were committed to the ‘healing path’…and had the greatest intentions to do whatever it took to heal themselves back to wholeness.

Do you need to be a part of a powerful group of women that are working on healing their energy…to heal their whole lives?

Women that are doing ‘the work’?

Women that all have spiritual gifts and are working on developing their own healing abilities?

Join my sacred Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership to receive an ADVANCED Shamanic Energy Healing eCourse (with potential Certification) and LIFETIME (weekly) “Ask Spirit” Coaching Calls with yours truly.

My Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership is only $444  until Thanksgiving Day! Thats LESS THAN TWO SINGLE SESSIONS!!

Doing this type of work can often feel lonely, scary and confusing at times…allow this group to walk beside you on your journey.

If you are an ESTABLISHED CLIENT, you can become a part of my very sacred Shamanic Soul Circle for a quarter of it’s price today!

Oh, and don’t forget about my PACKAGE OF 5 DEAL!! If you buy more SINGLE sessions, you SAVE MORE!

1 Distance Shamanic Reiki Session for New Clients= $300 each
1 Distance Shamanic Reiki Session for Established Clients= $250 each
5 Distance Shamanic Reiki Sessions (package of 5)= $230 each

This is a FLASH SALE for ESTABLISHED CLIENTS ONLY until Thanksgiving Day!

Once you purchase your package of 5 session, you can book your first session…then, YOU get to decide when you would like to have your remaining 4!

Monthly, Bi-Monthly or spread your healing sessions out even longer.


Stock up on your healing sessions today by clicking the links below!

I hope to work with you in the Spirit realms if you choose my discounted Package of 5 Sessions OR I hope to see you in my Shamanic Soul Group Coaching Membership!

Don’t put off your healing one more day…heal your energy to heal your life today!

Love & Gratitude,