FALL In Love with Yourself!

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Blog

Hello Soul Sisters!

Even though the intense heat of the summer doesn’t seem to want to let go, the coziness of Fall is already making its comforting presence known.

The nights are becoming cooler and pumpkin spice has returned for its annual appearance in grocery stores and coffee shops across America!

Summer was filled with BUSY energies! It went FAST. Didn’t it?

I went to Norway in the final weeks of August. It was MAGICAL.

Talk about powerful energies! Viking energies could be felt as we glided through the fjord’s of Flam, Norway.

But…as I sat shaking and sniffling in a beautiful boat floating through a scene right out of a movie, I looked at my husband and said, “I have Covid.”

I just knew that my body finally succumbed to the stubborn virus that has held us captive in its clutches since 2020.

Seems like the moment we feel it’s over…it isn’t. It comes back again and again, offering different versions of itself!

Although this particular bout of the virus is not fatal, it still makes its presence known in such a loud and annoying way.

It’s been almost 2 1/2 weeks since I got Covid and I am STILL struggling with lingering symptoms.

One day, I’m fine and have huge bursts of energy…the next? I wake up in Covid’s grasp all over again.

This morning, I had planned to dive back into my client sessions head first after feeling MUCH BETTER…but awoke with a terrible migraine and body aches.

SO, if you have been scheduled in the last two weeks with me, please know that I APPRECIATE your patience and grace as your sessions have been weeks delayed. I sincerely apologize for the delays.

Thing is…my business is ENERGY. Covid strips energy away.

And, if I don’t have energy to give, I can’t work.

I refuse to give you low vibe, depleted and sick energies. That serves no one.

Thank you for understanding as your session may be a whole week delayed right now. If you would prefer a full refund, just email me! I get it! But, I hope to SEE YOU IN SPIRIT when I’m 100% again!




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FALLing in LOVE with yourself is all about healing yourself back to wholeness. Energy Healing can help you do this…my motto is: Heal Your Energy to Heal Your Life! Then? You can heal the world!

Hope to see you in Spirit this Fall!

Love & Gratitude,