Fall Energy Forecast & Savings!

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Blog


Well, the winds certainly have changed along with the new season.

The wind isn’t gentle this time, though.

It’s not the warm Pumpkin Spice scented breeze that elicits the coziness of Fall.

Instead, this wind has pierced us with unpredictable, new pains…growing pains.

Everything was frozen over with fear in 2020.

2021 showed up with a purpose.

2021 has melted away everything that no longer supports our Soul growth at an unprecedented pace.

2021 has been a long and harrowing dark night of the Soul for those of us doing the healing work.

It’s been an UNVEILING.

Not of what we want to see, or hope for, in our lives…but an unveiling of raw and unrelenting TRUTHS.

The truths that we are much more comfortable avoiding.

The truths that are toughest to swallow are being regurgitated at an astounding rate.

The truth of the stories we have been telling ourselves for years just to stay comfortable in our lives.

The dark truths of our finances, relationships, toxic cycles and unhealed traumas are surfacing at an alarming speed.

We simply can’t ignore our demons like we have in years past.

2021 is about living our truth NOW. And, living our lives on our terms.

Asking for what we truly desire is the only option.

Once we kept ourselves ‘busy’ with distractions and false narratives.

No more.

The increase of the intensity of the Universal energies has also swept us right off our feet.

These higher dimensional energies have forced us to take inventory of our lives in a way that has never happened before.

These new energies have begrudgingly made us look within and prioritize our lives to ONLY be available for who…and what…really matters.

2021 is not about comfort on any level.

It is the year when everything we have held on so tightly to begins to fall apart right before our misbelieving eyes.

It has torn us in two.

Our light has been turned around and is shining a spotlight on the darkest parts of ourselves now and there is no end in sight.

It is a personal Reckoning.

An untangling of all the layers that left us feeling ‘less than’ or never enough.

Everything, and everyone, that has ever held us back from living our happiest lives is leaving our little worlds…and most of us will find ourselves shocked at what we discover about ourselves…and one another.

Break ups. Job changes. Location changes. Relationship changes. Money changes. Belief changes…so many changes are happening all at once.

Our lives are birthing new energies and have transformed into something that we never saw coming for the last decade.

But…this is an incredible opportunity.

We are staring directly into the eyes of our shadow selves and these darker parts of ourselves are smiling back.

It’s a reunion of sorts.

The abandoned, neglected, abused and dismissed parts of ourselves are jumping up and down in joy as we stare back at them with our wise, adult eyes.

It’s like our traumatized parts KNOW that we will FINALLY listen to them.

Finally care for them.

Finally hold them when they weep in exhaustion for staying so strong…alone and in dire need of love and affection for years and years.

Life feels surreal in so many ways now.

Everything that we thought could never happen HAS happened.

There are no more rules. No more excuses…just the raw, naked truth of a life that we created out of so many unhealed parts of ourselves.

It’s almost like we went to bed with a blindfold on in 2020 only for it to be ripped off of our eyes to reveal a whole new world the morning of January 1, 2021.

A world that does not allow us to just ‘hope’ things will get better…but one that forces us to MAKE IT BETTER OURSELVES.

Toxic behaviors, old coping skills and stubborn patterns that once kept us safe…no longer work.

2021 is literally melting away what no longer serves our highest good at a deafening pace.

2021 has broken down and stripped away everything that is in the way of us living our greatest destiny.

NEW energies. New experiences. New people. New opportunities…are all in motion.

New ways to heal ourselves back to wholeness are almost falling in our laps.

As we move deeper into the shadows of Fall, I invite you to:

TRUST in this process.

Trust in yourself.

Trust in your ability to HEAL YOURSELF BACK TO WHOLENESS.

You got this.

We can do this….TOGETHER.

In light and darkness always,



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I am SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU IN THE SPIRIT REALMS so that we can make your dreams a reality by taking advantage of the transformative energies in 2021!

Let everything FALL away that no longer supports your highest good and open your arms to the new energies that will help you attract what you REALLY want in life!

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Love & Peace,